Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tired Day..

29th July 2012
2.40 p.m


Short time? What’s that means? Actually ,today is Friday , isn’t? When Friday ,we can go back early than other days. That’s what I mean. I feel really tired today but I’m not thirsty and hungry. In the evening ,I went to bazaar Ramadan . I bought fried fish and rice. So,I can cut off my budget .  I’m happy for it ^^  I’m having a ifthar at the Surau Al-Muttaqin for the first time. I feel excited when seeing this situation of people are busy preparing food and drink for others.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Replacement Class Day

28th July 2012
2.45 p.m


Saturday? Yes, today is the replacement day for lectures and classes for the 3rd time before we’re having a long holiday started from 10th August 2012 until 27th August 2012. I really missed with the “holiday”. =) i think so. Today’s the pre UPS test for Accounting subject. I’m quite nervous. I scared if I can’t do it well. But I believed ,when I’ve work hard and smart for doing revision ,I must let the rest to Allah and keep doa. After the math lecture is over at DKK2,we’re rushing to DKK3. Only Allah knows how my feeling on that time. When I opened the test paper ,I praised to Allah and says Alhamdulillah. The questions are neither hard nor easy. Alhamdulillah, I can answer it with the best.
The real UPS examination is just around the corner . On estimation,there are 10 days to go.

Class Photo Shoot

28th July 2012
2.33 p.m


* This picture is not really related to this post.

At 12 noon, we’re having some class photo shoot at student centre. I saw there are many scenes in that moment. When I’m flashing back the memory about it ,I want to laugh as much as I can . But I cannot do that in public place. I feel relieved because I’ve passed for pre UPS test for Economy And Business Administration. For the Economy , I’m quite worried because I can’t answer well for the question 1. I have made careless mistakes during answering that question. I cannot feel disappointed but I’ve to try better later. I hope I can perform well in UPS for the four subjects.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Since I was away for a long time..

24th July 2012
11.28 p.m


Today was a happy day for me and the first day for this week to have classes . Besides that, today is the first day I’m fasting in Pahang Matriculation College. I felt very excited. When my class was over , I went to bazaar Ramadan alone . I only spent for RM 4.50 for the food and drink. I feel relieved  because I doesn’t spend a lot of money for today . My Mathematics lecturer told us that our pre UPS test has been postponed to the next Monday on 30th July 2012 . What a relief ! =) I’ll have test for pre UPS examination for two subjects. There are Economy and Business Administration .

During the breaking fast time , my roommates bought a lot of various food and drink. For example, Nasi Briyani , Murtabak , Laksa and curry puffs. It was very delicious . I was fallen asleep too early until I’m not having a revision for that night.