Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Since I was away for a long time..

24th July 2012
11.28 p.m


Today was a happy day for me and the first day for this week to have classes . Besides that, today is the first day I’m fasting in Pahang Matriculation College. I felt very excited. When my class was over , I went to bazaar Ramadan alone . I only spent for RM 4.50 for the food and drink. I feel relieved  because I doesn’t spend a lot of money for today . My Mathematics lecturer told us that our pre UPS test has been postponed to the next Monday on 30th July 2012 . What a relief ! =) I’ll have test for pre UPS examination for two subjects. There are Economy and Business Administration .

During the breaking fast time , my roommates bought a lot of various food and drink. For example, Nasi Briyani , Murtabak , Laksa and curry puffs. It was very delicious . I was fallen asleep too early until I’m not having a revision for that night.

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