Saturday, 15 September 2012

My Late Grandmother

Entry #23
15th September 2012
3.30 p.m

 Assalamualaikum to all my blog's readers..
Alhamdulillah because Allah S.W.T still given me chance to live in this world..
How are you , my readers?
I hope you in a pink of health..

Today’s a surprising day to me , my family and my relatives. I feel shocked because I received a news from my aunt that my grandmother has passed away. Actually , she has admitted to the hospital since last Sunday because she have fallen down and she in coma. After heard the shocking news, we are packing our stuffs and rushing to Batu Pahat , Johor. We’ll have a long journey about 5 hours. Pray for my grandmother and sedekahkan Al- f\Fatihah to her. I have already lost both of my grandparents. Now ,I only have my grandparents of my mom’s side.

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