Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Seond Day For Having UPS Examination

Entry #8
8th August 2012
10.00 p.m

 Assalamualaikum to my blog's readers..
Thank you for willling to read my entries..
First of all , how are you?
I hope you'll in a good health. =)

* This is not related to this entry.

Today was a second day for me to sit for Mid Semester Examination.. Yesterday , I felt nervous when I want to answer English paper. I really worried because I don't know what the preparation that I should do for English . I can't expect what will be asking . So , I only read my MUET's book on WRITING section.. How about Economy's paper yesterday ? Alhamdulillah , I managed to answer it well but I couldn't have enough time to answer 1 more question. I feel quite disappointed because I have the answer for that question but I believe that might have a hidden reason why it happens.

On the second day of examination, I had to sit for two more papers. There are Accounting and Mathematics. Between this two subjects , I really worried with my Mathematics's paper . I have done many exercises and I hope I can answer it well. Alhamdulillah , I can answer all the questions but the same thing has happened . I left one question because I failed in dividing my time to answer all the question. T_T

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